High school junior Alex has nothing left of his father but his sword. Until a strange boy appears out of nowhere (literally) and steals it. In his attempt to get the sword back, Alex is unwittingly dragged into a magical criminal underworld full of hotshot gangsters, cold-blooded assassins, untrustworthy magic teachers, badass bartenders, magic battles & swordfights, fancy cars, every flavor of boba tea, and ancient secret societies...and hanging over it all is the mystery of his father's disappearance, which Alex has to solve if he wants to survive! Contains BL, but romance won't be the focus of the story. Content warnings: foul language, (non-graphic) violence, blood, sexually suggestive (non-explicit) scenes, drug & alcohol use Updates Wednesday.


chapter 2 begins

Mar 7 2015 10:03 am | posted by Annabub

just posting to say Ouroboros is now off hiatus and chapter 2 is under way. also there is a possibility that I may reduce the update schedule to once a week in the near future; if that happens I will let you know.

as always, thanks for reading and keeping up with this webcomic, and I hope you enjoy chapter 2!

chapter 2 hiatus

Feb 4 2015 10:22 am | posted by Annabub

Ouroboros is now on hiatus until March 4th, which is when chapter 2 will start. I appreciate your patience and understanding! I'll (hopefully) keep posting on tumblr during the break, so you can keep up with me there.

it's been a really exciting journey for me so far, and I am looking forward to continuing it come March :) again, thank you for being patient and for being so supportive all this time!

comic spotlight!

Dec 30 2014 10:35 pm | posted by Annabub

It was an awesome surprise to find out that Ouroboros made the comic spotlight! I wasn't expecting it at all so I was a little shocked, haha. It's a great honor to be featured alongside all the awesome comics that have been spotlighted, and I'm more determined than ever to do the best I can. I don't want to let down any of you awesome readers, old and new, because it's your support that's helped me get this far in the first place!

I've also belatedly added content warnings to the comic description... I probably should've had them all along but I couldn't figure out a good place to put them. I still don't like putting them in the description (MAKING IT EVEN LONGER OTL) but I realize that shit is important (moreso than I previously thought) so there they are for now.

Thanks for reading and supporting this comic, I'm so so SOO grateful for every one of you. Have yourselves a kickass New Year's Eve & Day! ^v^

Launch date!

Sep 5 2014 9:44 pm | posted by Annabub

Ouroboros begins today, and I'm hoping you'll enjoy it and stick around for what will hopefully be a long and entertaining ride. I'm nervous as hell but I promise to keep doing my best and keep this thing going and constantly improving!

Update schedule is Saturday & Wednesday right now, altho the first couple of pages will not stick exactly to that schedule because there's some splash/not-actually-comics pages in there and I feel like those don't count as "real" updates. So the first page of the comic will go up tomorrow!

This site is allll thanks to the hard work of the very lovely supernewton. There are still some little things that need fixing up in the layout so expect some changes in the near future...nothing major though.

Anyway, thanks for taking a little bit of time from your day to read this comic. It gives me love and life <3
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