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Apr 8 2015 8:57 pm


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Apr 8 2015 10:04 pm

Khalil likes to yell 

thank you as always to you lovely patient readers, you really are the best TTvTT I really would prefer to update more frequently given the pace of the story, but I'm still sorting shit out so that's not possible yet. thank you for sticking around!


Previous page replies:
@heliumsquid: naw man, look, Khalil's taking care of everything, surely nothing could possibly go wrong right??

@Palliris Kiessa: (aww thanks, I still feel like a week is an awful long time but that's pretty reassuring to hear <3) hey, Saiph said Daniel completely reformed! he just messed up a little when he was a kid...right??

@RweyLing: hell yeah, I'm glad you think so :)

@crossstitch: Alex might not be able to run away but everyone's here to protect him, right?? well we'll see ^_~ and whatever his Dad was thinking he surely had the best of intentions.....right???

@:D : oh dear I hope things don't get too confusing D= if shit isn't making sense please tell me cuz that's something I need to know! action & cuddles does sound like a good recipe for the rest of the chapter~

@Slayernice: the Nexus staff is always prepared! remember those "precautions"? :D

@★: (I like your name, haha) yeah this time Saiph's here to protect Alex instead of beat him up, so things should turn out better, right??? oh man and I like that you got all that from Saiph's face the third panel since it's exactly what I wanted to convey, so I'm happy I succeeded I guess! Saiph gets pretty obnoxious when it comes to Daniel so yeah, he's definitely argued with many people many times over the topic, especially since Daniel's death. Poor kid :/

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Apr 9 2015 3:12 pm


Boss, always up to the duty!
Also, by the look of it, I can't wait to see the next fights~~

:D (Guest)

Apr 10 2015 7:07 pm

rigel is the worried mama 

Exciting to see where this comic is going to drive us !!! Alex now is a rare artifact that Daniel left before death and Saiph is a Daniel's defender ;D
Thank you for the hard working!!! This page as always was an amazing one :O


Apr 10 2015 8:05 pm


This reminds me- could you convince someone to go to the bar and buy some drinks purely with the power of magic? If so, Khalil could be HELLA rich.


Apr 10 2015 10:27 pm


You have me at the edge of my seat wwwww

Also, Rigel is just like "?????? AM I THE ONLY ONE WORRIED FOR THIS BOY'S SAFETY" while Daniel laughs from wherever he is with a


I'm just leering at his character, but I could understand his intentions if they were valid. Poor Rigel though, still cleaning up his messes even after his "death"


Apr 13 2015 8:54 am

Just found this webcomic! 

I'm quite enjoying the story and the characters so far. (Saiph is such a snarky shit and I love him while Alex is adorable)

And all I can say is that I am ready for this ride. Bring on the fighting and the blood!

(Also Rigel is team mom, i'm calling it)

fen (Guest)

Apr 14 2015 4:58 pm


everyone is so cute..... I also love the boss' offhand "and buy a drink!" comment haha

alex is really lucky to have ended up in the hands of people that mean him no harm and mean to protect him, otherwise he'd be in even bigger trouble right now..

Fay (Guest)

May 31 2015 6:05 pm


This comic is everything I ever wanted and more


Jun 28 2015 7:45 pm


This comic is awesome.

normal_human (Guest)

Jul 12 2015 11:17 pm


will... this update Q____Q I'm sorry if I'm pressuring you but I'm just wondering because I really like the story and it hasn't updated in months Q_____Q


Jul 22 2015 1:30 pm


@normal_human: I know right x.x I''m it'll be back


Jul 24 2015 7:32 pm


Wow, this comic is awesome! So exciting. Your artwork is amazing!! Thanks for making this!

Me (Guest)

Aug 14 2015 10:41 pm


This comic is amaziiiing... Oh man. I'm so glad someone linked me to it! Seriously, the art the story <3.

And Saiph is the cutest ever I swear ._.! Even if he is a little bit of a brat it's cute!

Pouika (Guest)

Sep 8 2015 12:21 pm

hi i'm french 

Thank you for your comic, please upadate !

Demi (Guest)

Sep 12 2015 9:05 pm

Because of the cast page... 

...I think of this webcomic whenever I get boba lol

Luna (Guest)

Sep 26 2015 2:36 pm

Oh man 

I just found this and it's super super good, love the artwork and the story so far!! Can't wait to see what happens :D

May (Guest)

Apr 12 2017 7:17 pm

so cool! 

your art is awesome, soo awesome!
I never thought the guy that steal and kick his ass, will have to protect him now XD that would be interesting to see.
wow talking about the best dad of the year, geez at least he could leave a note before he left, no? is that too much? XD oh well I guess so. poor Alex, first his dad was dead, now he had this double life and someone else to train. and now we find out he was connected to Mafia people, this guy really is something XD I guess Alex mom left or died?
anyway, a great story!!! love it very very much!!! please take your time, but keep drawing this ^_^ it awesome!

A jar of honey (Guest)

Aug 23 2017 5:25 am


@Annabub: please don't let this comic die because you know how to make a story.

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