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Launch date!

Sep 5 2014 9:44 pm | posted by Annabub

Ouroboros begins today, and I'm hoping you'll enjoy it and stick around for what will hopefully be a long and entertaining ride. I'm nervous as hell but I promise to keep doing my best and keep this thing going and constantly improving!

Update schedule is Saturday & Wednesday right now, altho the first couple of pages will not stick exactly to that schedule because there's some splash/not-actually-comics pages in there and I feel like those don't count as "real" updates. So the first page of the comic will go up tomorrow!

This site is allll thanks to the hard work of the very lovely supernewton. There are still some little things that need fixing up in the layout so expect some changes in the near future...nothing major though.

Anyway, thanks for taking a little bit of time from your day to read this comic. It gives me love and life <3

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