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Dec 30 2014 10:35 pm | posted by Annabub

It was an awesome surprise to find out that Ouroboros made the comic spotlight! I wasn't expecting it at all so I was a little shocked, haha. It's a great honor to be featured alongside all the awesome comics that have been spotlighted, and I'm more determined than ever to do the best I can. I don't want to let down any of you awesome readers, old and new, because it's your support that's helped me get this far in the first place!

I've also belatedly added content warnings to the comic description... I probably should've had them all along but I couldn't figure out a good place to put them. I still don't like putting them in the description (MAKING IT EVEN LONGER OTL) but I realize that shit is important (moreso than I previously thought) so there they are for now.

Thanks for reading and supporting this comic, I'm so so SOO grateful for every one of you. Have yourselves a kickass New Year's Eve & Day! ^v^

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Jan 23 2015 10:46 am


You totally deserve it! Well done and congratulations and everything!

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